23 February 2009

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Ok ... so - where to start? Well ... it's Monday, and I'm supposed to meal plan. I would, except for the fact that cooking makes me gag right now. So, that leads me to News #1. I'm 12 weeks pregnant, due the first week of September. Whether I'll meal plan in the next month or so remains to be seen *smile*.

News #2 is that I've been hired by another local church to help out with their worship services. I will not be leaving our home church, nor will I stop being involved there. This is just an opportunity that I felt strongly to take. They've asked that I help every 4-6 weeks, so that is more than do-able. I'm leading there this Sunday morning.

What else? Well, today I was told that my Sydney-Los Angeles flight in May, has been confirmed in Business Class. THIS is exciting ... I intend on sleeping the entire way in a complete lie-down position. SO great!! That's News #3.

And something touched me today ... a girl from Jr. High, whom I never really even knew as she was older than I, wrote something lovely about me on Facebook. As I intend on printing out this blog for my own keepsake, I hope you don't mind if I post what she wrote ... it reminded me that we all touch people, even when we don't realize it. She wrote:

There are a few people that I wanted to thank that I only deal with here on Facebook. They have no idea what an impact they have had on my life and I dont want to forget thanking them. "TAWN" - This girl is one of a kind. I started out reading her blogs and felt like I got to know her more and more. The way she lives her life is a huge motivator for me today. The way she is with her husband and children is just beautiful. The way she lives her life, the things she believes in and her love of the Lord are evident in the things she says and does. When I read her notes I am motivated and I feel every bit of love she puts down on that page. Please know that although we have never met ~ you have helped me through some very
hard times without even knowing it. You are a walking example of the power of faith, love and hope. I am very thankful for you.

So thank YOU, ES, for making MY day and validating the things that I say and do as something worthwhile. What a beautiful gift you gave me.

And to make you smile? WELL - I put Josiah down for his afternoon nap - which has proven to be a bit of an issue as of late. He's quite capable of climbing out of his crib and rattling on the door until I come and get him. Today, I heard him - but thought I'd leave him for a bit ... get it out of his system. Well, after about 15 minutes, I got curious as to the silence in his room ... and this is what I found.


Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest pictures ever!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Priceless! Love the pics!

Lori said...

awww, those are precious!!! And congrats to you :)

Lisa Moody said...

Oh my! The joys of motherhood. Those moments when everything is worth it. Even when youare feeling sick.

alisa said...

Congratulations! I SO knew it when I saw you on Sunday! You had the glow! Those photos are wonderful. They remind me that I should've taken photos of Scarlett last night who fell asleep sitting upright on the couch trying to stay up to watch the Oscars with Hunter & me. Thanks for the reminder to capture those memories on film! Hope the morning-sickness goes away soon.