27 February 2009

[invisaline: I See the Light]

SO ... I'm done!! Invisaline ... well. Actually, that's a lie. I'm SUPPOSED to be done. I finished my last set of trays for my top teeth and went to the orthodontist to have him check things over. My bottoms have been done since November, but I always knew that the top may take longer.

But the COOL thing is, is that the bumps they soder on, have been taken off. THAT's exciting. Because I don't have these wacky bumps on my teeth that I think make me look like I don't own a toothbrush. At least that's how I feel about them.

They came off, because I am going to get molds for a NEW set of trays. Probably another 4 or 5 ... which, in "time terms" is about another 2-3 months. Totally not a bother - especially because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And they're NOT quite perfect ... and I've come this far, what's another couple of months? So I'll get new bumps. Ah well

This has been the EASIEST thing ever. I have definitely had nights of pain and cringing as I've had to take them out before I eat ... when I change to new trays, taking them out is THE most painful thing. Like being punched in the face. But it only lasts for maybe a day.

I am SO glad I did this and didn't wait another 10 years. I know that some of my friends thought I was crazy for spending money (we have GREAT coverage) when my teeth weren't SO bad. But you know what? I was self conscious about them. Every single photo, I never wanted to show my teeth ... my fangs.

But, alas, I no longer have those thoughts. YAY!

What do they look like at this point? Funny you should ask ... here's a pic. And you can click my "invisaline" category to see a picture of me wearing my first set of trays. Not really a good example, as the trays actually make the teeth LOOK straighter than they are.

I think they're well on their way. *SMILE WITH MY TEETH SHOWING*.

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