16 February 2009

[talk: Another Blog]

As this new venture continues to move forward, I've decided to start a blog for my photography site. It's appropriately named http://www.redhandedphotography.blogspot.com/ . I plan to use this blog periodically to show upcoming events that I'm doing, and show recent work. As this is a new business, I don't anticipate that I'll be updating this new blog too often ... but when I do, I'll be sure to let you know here.

Other than that? Well, I'm coughing up a lung, sounding like a wheezing cat (there's a nice picture for you ...) and feeling like a pretty useless mom. Don't you hate that? I look at my eldest and I think, "I only have you for such a short time ... and I'm wasting it today." Such guilt. But that's ok ... after he finished his yogurt Popsicle, he and I are going to do some crafts. And make a mess. That's what 4 year old boys like best *smile*.

On a final note - I am terribly excited about the Bachelor tonight ... and horribly embarrassed that I am so wrapped up in this season. But, I am not ashamed *GRIN*. Thus, the reason for the post ... if I were ashamed, I wouldn't have told you that ... HA!!

So, sorry about the lack of posts ... life has been crazy. More on that later ... but for now, if you're interested, I have a few pics posted at my http://www.redhandedphotography.blogspot.com/ site. And if you haven't been to my new photography site, consider this your personal invitation *smile*. The site is http://www.redhandedphotography.com/ .

talk soon!


Canadian Kristin said...

So.....who's your favourite to win?! I'm a band-wagon Bachelor-watcher....so I need to know which girl I'm supposed to cheer for! ;-)

Tawn said...

WELLL ... I had hoped for Jillian - but she got sent home last night. SO, I'm thinking it's Melissa ... but I'm most intrigued by Deanna showing up in NZ next week ... Sure, highly edited previews I'm sure ... but still, looks interesting! My life is low-drama so it' fun to sit and watch drama somewhere else!!

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