10 February 2009

[talk: Do the Quiz - Feed the Hungry]

I came across an interesting article this morning, and decided that it would be the focus of my post today. The concept is simple - go to www.freerice.com and participate in the quizzes, earning free donated grains of rice.

Yesterday, 66.5 million grains were donated on behalf of this site.

Now, sure ... we're talking GRAINS, not POUNDS. But I'm all about being a steward of time and money. If it takes me 5 minutes to play a few quizzes and help feed someone, somewhere ... then that's making my minutes count.

So. I've been thinking that it is so very sad, the the first thing to go during tough economic times, are donations. People don't necessarily re-evaluate their own unnecessary spending, but rather think that their donation is expendable. Understandable, but sad - I think.

Maybe things are tough for you, for your family - but www.freerice.com is a way that YOU can do something small TODAY. And if we all do it together, we could feed a family. Or two. Or a village.

Go on ... use your time wisely *smile*.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, now I am addicted...I really enjoy the "art" category. J