29 March 2009

[talk: Hubby's Update]

This seems to be the most effective way to reach my community - so I thought I'd use my blog to continue giving updates on my hubby.

As of right now, we're planning to go sometime tomorrow for his surgery. He called the hospital today, and found out that they have no record of him because he's being "tagged" on to the end of the day. We've been told to be prepared that he may not get in tomorrow.

So, I'm trying to plan the day to be as flexible as we can.

If the surgery does not happen tomorrow, I'm not sure when it's planning to be rescheduled. I guess we'll get there when we get there. Our biggest concern is the fact that it will have been 3weeks on Tuesday since his injury. We have been warned that any delay after 3 weeks can cause complications and a more invasive surgery. We've also been warned that they could "open him up and not be able to do anything." Um. Ok.

So then - I don't know what that would mean ... we're assuming it means the grave diagnosis that he got on Thursday being, "If you don't have the surgery you'll never be able to play sports again ... but you'll be able to walk." And for those of you who know my hubby, that's just not good enough. So, of course, we're praying that this surgery happens asap.

ALL in all ... we're doing alright. I've had more worries regarding my pregnancy, have been advised not to do anything and to not stress *grin*. Great advice!! I'm trying to take it - but when the 2 year old screams and needs to be picked up, or taken out of the car seat, or I need that bowl in the top cupboard ... I have to do it myself. The GOOD thing, is that I was told that spotting in the 2nd trimester is not nearly as detrimental as in the 1st trimester. And that it usually means something's up with the placement of the placenta ... and that'll all be picked up on my ultrasound in a couple of weeks.

So there you have it ...

I took our eldest to church with me this morning ... it was such a wonderful place to be. I love my church, our church family. I looked around and saw multiple faces who have been walking this with us ... so many friends, old and new, showing up to our home to visit with us or bring us something to eat. So many emails and hugs ... so to all of you - THANK YOU.

And to those of you who's own life is a mixmash of craziness - I know what you're feeling. You just be "released" from thinking, "oh - I was going to call ..." or whatever *smile*. Or not *laughing*. I know our circle surrounds us - and not everyone can be there all the time. It's all good.

For tomorrow, I appreciate your prayers. Pray that he DOES have surgery, that it goes well ... that life can reboot for us. If any of your hubbies are in relationship with my own, I know he'd love a phonecall or chat ... he's so social and is dying of boredom on the couch *smile*.

Thank you to you all ... and here's to a sunshiny tomorrow!


Canadian Kristin said...

Sending huge hugs and prayers for a SUCCESSFUL SURGERY AND FULL RECOVERY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And peace in the meantime!

Bet Lu's getting really good at Guitar Hero!??!?! lol Maybe Matthias could teach him some moves on the Rock Band drum pad!?!?!

Annika said...

We are praying for you and that Lu's surgery goes well and his leg will be fixed so he can do sports again! What a tough road you are walking. Thank goodness you have a nanny to help! REst and keep your baby safe too.....as much as you can!

Joanne said...

Praying for Lu and the surgery; praying for you, the boys, and wee babe, too. Keep on, keeping on.

Dawn C said...

Just wanted to jot a quick note and encourage you guys. God has you in his hands and I know that Lu will have favour with the hospital and get the surgery. Praying for you and your baby as well.