12 April 2009

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And what a lovely gift Funky Playground Designs is giving ... They're having a design contest, which means YOU get a BUNCH of FREE kits to download.

I was so excited - they have a "Here We Bowl" kit ... perfect for those bowling pictures I took a while back ... And a scad-load of other ones.

You DO have to be registered there ... not a big deal, just a user name and email addy. I use a hotmail one that I created to give out to all the scrapbooking sites so my personal addy doesn't get spam ever.

Interested??? I can't give you the EXACT link because you have to be registered to get in ... but here's how you find the FREE kits.

1. go to www.funkyplaygrounddesigns.com
2. click "gallery" at the top.
3. scroll down to "Capture the Flag"
4. there are PAGES of FREE KITS.
5. enjoy!!

And on a COMPLETELY different note ... I am feeling overwhelmed with God's timing. Now, I didn't actually get to HEAR the sermon this morning, I was with the 2 year olds - but my hubby was telling me what was spoken and it's EXACTLY what I've been thinking about as of late. I am so excited to download the sermon and learn, reflect, grow ... I'll put the link up when it's ready.


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