22 April 2009

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I was going to post on another subject today, but I have found myself in the same conversation with 3 different women over the last two days. All of these women have a desire to get pregnant and are waiting patiently each month. I thought maybe, if one person could benefit from this, then it would be worth posting on my blog.

I know what it is like to desire a child, and have to wait for what felt like forever. And the truth is, is that I really didn't have to wait long. But my first 3 pregnancies all happened within the first two cycles of "trying" - so when this last pregnancy didn't happen right away, I decided to try everything in my power to get things going.

Now - my personal belief is that a child comes in His perfect timing. And that goes for our loss of Shalom ... and our joy of Josiah. There are bad things in this world, but God's desire is for the best for us ...

That being said, I am also a believer in doing all I can in walking through the "open door" He's given. What I mean, is that He's given us a mind to make choices, He's given many the gift of "medicine" and wisdom in taking care of our bodies and such. So, in that, we made a choice to be pro-active while still submitting to the fact that He is ultimately in control.

My husband and I knew we wanted a third child, but started feeling the pressure when it didn't happen as easily as the other previous pregnancies. We chose to use an ovulation kit, and in complete honesty, I got pregnant that very month.

I say that, because maybe someone reading this hasn't tried that route yet. I completely recognize that this is NOT a sure-thing, by any means ... we all know that there are many, many factors in getting pregnant. I just wanted to share with you, what worked for us.

I used the Clearblue Ovulation Tests. I didn't use the digital ones ... and I should say that I actually had to use two kits back-to-back because the first kit never registered me ovulating. Which meant, that I was completely wrong about when I was able to get pregnant. I found that fascinating, because I was so accurate the other times. Perhaps my miscarriage last year messed things up a bit. Whatever the case, once I knew when I could get pregnant - I did.

Maybe this will help you ... I hope it does. And I also found a wealth of information at the Clearblue site. It had many questions, including "Myths and Truths" about getting pregnant. If you're interested ... you can find it here.

For those who have tried for months, even years - I want you to know that my husband and I pray for you. We know that feeling of loss each month, the pain of losing a pregnancy, and the joy of having a "positive" on the stick. We also know what it is to worry about miscarriages and ultrasounds. We truly do pray for peace for those who have a different journey than us, whatever that looks like.

So - I hope that for even just one, that this post is helpful.

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