09 April 2009

[talk: In My Hubby's Own Words ...]

In my hubby's own words ... his update with some lovely pics to boot *grin*. This first pic is of his bones BROKEN ... can you see on the left? OUCH.

"Hello All,

Today I had an appointment at the hospital at 7am for a checkup and to have the staples removed from my surgery which did hurt a lot but not as bad as the pain I’ve been through over the last 4 and half weeks. I was told that I cannot put any weight on my left leg for the next five weeks. I did receive a new black cast today which looks pretty nice. I will have this cast removed on May 14th and at that time I will receive an air cast for another few weeks.

I have two large incisions on each side of my lower leg with a total of 26 staples. I had two larger plates attached to my two bones with a total of 13 screws. I was told today that I have a lot of hardware in my leg and to expect that I will beep when going through security checks. The surgeon just said to show them the incisions and I’ll be fine.

I have attached a few pictures of today’s appointment. Some of the pictures are before they removed the staples and some are after. I have also attached pictures of my X-rays of before surgery and after.

I hope you enjoy these pictures at my expense.



Shawna said...

Oy Vey - I have to say Lu, I love the shaved leg look on you...you have very lovely legs ;)

Praying healing will settle in the perfect place and that all of this will be a fast memory!

Shawna said...

Ps. I bet your wife thinks your scars are hot too ;)

Nickie said...

That before x-ray is brutal!!! But the incision looks good. Good luck with the healing!!

Jenn VH said...

OUCH!! That is a lot of hardware!! Praying for perfect healing.
~Jenn VH

Canadian Kristin said...

Eek. So glad you are feeling better than before....praying for an easy recovery!!!