15 April 2009

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Today I went on a "Transportation Field Trip" with Mattias' preschool. I brought Josiah, along with our help, too. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the excursion went smoothly - and then a "moment" happened where I was reminded of what one of my readers mentioned after my post yesterday.

As we left the seabus, I noticed that a young man looking in my direction. I had a stroller, a camera bag, a backpack, holding one kid's hand while the help helped ... and as we walked by, he came up to me - "Do you have any spare change?"

Now, the truth was - I did. I had a couple of loonies in the bottom of my backpack, under the snacks, the diapers, the blankets and drinks. But for me, it was more than the plight of, "Really? Do I look like someone who could casually reach into her pocket and fish out some quarters?"

Instead, I found myself sizing him up and deciding what he needed it for.

Which leads to a reader who challenged me, and others I'm sure, to do as Christ did ... which really made me think. Honestly - there are situations where I'm not REALLY sure WHAT He would do. I wonder if each situation was different, or whether there was a "golden rule" He followed ...

For me, I find myself evaluating each moment. Being a steward of the money that He has held me responsible for, being generous, being wise ... all of these things come into my mind. There have been times in the past where my hubby and I have given food to those asking for money, even going into a fastfood restaurant to get a hot meal.

Only to have the person turn around and try and sell it before we had even walked away.

And that's ok. See, for US, that moment was about us doing what we felt led by HIM to do - not what the person receiving it would do. That's what I always try and remember ... sometimes the lesson is about our own choices, as apposed to deciding how THEIR choices have led them to their current situation ...

I believe that as we become more aware of, in fact, being His hands and feet, we will use the same wisdom in how He used them.

Just a thought.

OH. And pics of the excursion to be posted ... soon *smile*.

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