09 May 2009

[talk: A Down Under Mother's Day]


OK - that might be early for some - but for me, it's today. And it's been a bit sad without my family, but still a lovely day and I got to Skype them and let them know how much I love and miss them.

I was at Hillsong this morning and the Word was spectacular - I was so challenged and encouraged. So I wanted to share briefly on what impacted me ...

First off - "Desert Song" was sung during worship ... which completely overwhelmed me. If you do not know the story, it was written after a tragic loss of a 24wk pregnancy ... baby Max lived for a few hours and then went into the arms of Jesus. I had the privilege of meeting Max's mother, and I wept and wept during the song - for my own loss in Shalom, for her loss in Max - for all the losses and burnt dreams some feel with the fear of no children at all.

But after worship, the speaker proclaimed that this is NOT to be a sad day - but a day where we look to the future. Her husband brought up the truth in the story of Abraham and how he was NAMED the "father of nations" before he had children. He needed to rise up and act like a father before he was one ... I thought that was beautiful - rising up to the gift that children are, whether your own or not.

Julia spoke on "Legacy Lessons" and what you are leaving behind to the generations following. What will be said of you ... so challenging, so inspiring. She gave a few points (I'm just scanning my notes right now ...). One: Give selflessly ... LISTEN ... James 1 tells us just that, to be quick to listen. And she told of how much she appreciated how her mother listened and validated her, even when she was perhaps a bit off in how she felt. What a testament - to sometimes not use moments to teach, to impart what we think is wisdom - but to just be still, to hold our kids, to listen.

Two, to Express My Christianity. She told how her mother worshipped, and how it affected her. And how her mother was never ashamed of what Jesus did for her. Also - how she was an encourager in the faith - and I was challenged by these words: "Don't wait to be the person who wants to be encouraged - but rather, be the ENCOURAGER." How brilliant.

Finally, to Be There. Be Present. When someone needs you - be there. When your kids need you - be there. Obviously, we can't ALL be there for EVERYone ... and we tend to hide behind that whole mentality that it's all too overwhelming. But no, we CAN be there for our circle, and we NEED to be there for our children and family.

Ok ... can you see how wonderful these words were?

So - for you - the mom of many, the mother of few ... the one who dreams of more, the one who dreams of one ... to the mom of the lost, to the mom of the chosen ... to the mom who weeps, to the mom who rejoices ...

To you all - may this day be a day where you and I rise up to Proverbs 31 ... be clothed in dignity, have our children called us blessed because we have been responsible with the gift HE gave us ...

Happy Mother's Day.

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June Steeves said...

What a challenge. That was beautiful. You don't know me but i know your Mom and Dad. I am Amanda and Candice's Aunt. I am their Dad's sister. God bless you and keep His hand upon you.