07 May 2009

[vacations: I Think It's Day 4 ...]

This post is for the benefit of my mom *grin*.

Yesterday, my dad, mom and aunt left Sydney for Auckland.  I, however, stayed behind so that I could hook up with friends here for the weekend.

Mom.  I am GOOD.  Alive.  The baby's good.  And no, I haven't lost my passport *GRIN*.

I spent yesterday afternoon wandering the streets of Sydney.  I had thought about bringing my camera but there was so much walking to do, I thought I had better not push it.  Of course, like always, I regret now not having taken it with me.  

It's not often that I have 5 hours to just look at buildings and parks ... to window shop and eat gelato.  It was lovely - except I think that I'm only one of 3 pregnant people in all of Sydney!!  It's soooo funny ... the LOOKS I get.   Like I'm an alien ... people look at me, look down at my belly and look away with looks of ... well, unbelief.  It's pretty funny.

So what did I do all afternoon?  I ended up walking into a salon and said, "GO for it."  It took up a good hour and a half ... loved having my head massaged and all of that.  And yes - a LOT was cut off ... it's cut shorter than chin-length now.  Not REALLY what I wanted, but it's hair.  And being pregnant, my hair grows SO fast that it'll probably be chin length by Sunday *laughing*.

Then my friends picked me up - we went to a pub for some yummy food, then off to a practice at Hills City Church ... there's a special being done on Sunday for Mother's Day that they were practicing for ... 

After that, my friend KF and her friends MF and JM took me to see "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past".  I had a great time!!  The movie?  Ah ... not the worst movie I've seen ... not the best.  But we laughed so much ... MF is SUCH a character!  And the funniest part of the night was when we couldn't get to the car because the mall had everything blocked off ... lots of wandering and frustration ... and hilarious comments.

Ok ... now?  Well - I'm not on my computer, I'm on BF's.  So - no uploading of any pics ... and as I said - no pics were taken yesterday except for at Hills church.  

I'm hoping to keep taking pics - but I'm feeling a bit self conscious ... I don't want people here thinking it's odd that I'm taking photos of gatherings and such ... for me, it's my vacation - it's what I'm doing and what I want to remember ... I basically photo-journal.  So - if I bring my camera tonight for dinner at B&K's friend's house - I hope that I won't look too ridiculous ...

Oh - and why all the initials of people here?  Because my friends back home will know who I'm talking about *wink* ...

Ok - must run ... 

Have a good one!!

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