20 May 2009

[talk: "Memories ..." Go On, Sing It Out ...]

".... like the corrrrrners of my miiiiiiind." You can sing it ... go on ...

Piha Beach, New Zealand

Sydney, Australia

It's hard to believe that only a week ago - hey, actually 72 hours ago -I was on the other side of the world ...

Memories are a funny thing, don't you think? I always find it interesting how our minds can fool us into thinking something was better, or worse, than it actually was.

For example, when you think of an ex-boy/girlfriend ... do you roll your eyes and think, "WHAT was I thinking?" ... meaning, there wasn't much good to remember (when maybe there was?). Or thinking, "He/She was PERFECT ... we had the best time ... la la la la ...". When truth is, is that it was the most dysfunctional relationship ever *grin*??

SO funny, our 'rose coloured glasses' that make us see things in a different light.

But I think the memories of my time away are still untainted. Being in Australia was full of time to read, time to see some sights, to meet new people. And my New Zealand leg of the trip was more of spending as much time with family as possible, attending a funeral, a 21st birthday bash and trying to stay out of the rain *laughing*.

But I think the GREATEST thing about memories, is the opportunity to make new ones. I know that one day I'll look back to today, and remember my boys, my pregnancy, my hubby still hopping on one leg *smile*.

And I won't need those 'rose coloured glasses' to know that I have been blessed.

OH - and I'd like to say a massive "THANKS" to all of you who took the time to share your thoughts on mascara and mattresses. Hmm. Somehow that sounds a bit odd ... *smile*.

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Mary @Delightful Bitefuls said...

Maybelline - the COLOSSAL Volum' Express

(Yellow tube with purple writing)

I swear by it and think it works wonders :)