19 May 2009

[talk: Maybe YOU Know??]

Ahhhh ... the calm of my house.

Surprised to hear that? After all of the craziness of the last 10 weeks (or is it 11? or 12??) ... it seems as though our home might JUST be getting back into the mode of life. Just in time for the summer schedule to change all of that *smile*.

Today we went to the library, paid our over-due books *sigh*. I hate that. Oh well. Then off to do a massive grocery shop - as my hubby didn't seem to think that fresh produce was important while I was gone. I HAVE noticed, however, that candy and chips were a bit of a priority as I snoop through my cupboards *GRIN*.

Siah's now napping, I mended Tias' stuffed monkey - George -, the baked potatoes are set to start baking in an hour and the steak is marinating. (I know that this recipe says it's for chicken - but I've found it's equally great on beef ...)


Oh. Except for this jet-lag. I was WIDE awake at 2am this morning ... then, jolted awake at 7:30am by the boys - feeling like I was, once again, hit by a truck. It hasn't helped that the wee one inside of me thinks it's still in the South Pacific and kicks like mad from 11pm to dawn ... anyone know how to get an unborn child to adapt to Pacific Time??

And I have 2 more questions that I wondered if you would be able to help with ...

1. We're thinking of getting a new mattress as our "pillow top" one cannot be flipped over and now has caverns in it *what a PAIN*. Anyone know how to solve this problem? Or have advice on a new mattress?

2. Mascara. I may have asked this one before - but I'm still lost in the Superstore isle. I like thick, long lashes. Not skinny, long ones. No clumps. Suggestions?

Would love some help .... thanks!!


Still Enjoying the Journey said...

Mattress - NO CLUE! Suffering the same mattress dip-ression!
Mascara - swear by MaryKay ... and REALLY great ... no clumps what-so-ever!!! And around $15, similar if not cheaper than those 'bigger' names ... just my 2cents ...

sugarcube said...

Mascara - LASH BLAST. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. We bought one of those space sponge toppers - love that, not sure what the full mattress would be like though. But there are no "pressure points"? I really enjoy it. Janean

Dawn Carrick said...

Jet-lag sucks - when I travelled to Australia it took almost a month to feel normal again. I really hope it doesn't take that long for you.
We bought the memory foam that Costco carries - it is wonderful!!!
For mascara - L'OREAL Voluminous (straight brush) its all I have used for years - I love it!

AlisonVeritas said...

i do actually feel VERY strongly about my mascara, which is DiorShow by Christian Dior. It's seriously miracle mascara!

Christa said...

Mattress- Its a splurge, but AMAZING even when you're 9 months pregnant and trying to lay on your left side... The Tempur- Pedic. Its amazing. http://www.tempurpedic.com/about/our_science/tempur_material/

It takes some getting used to at first, but now, I LOVE it. Cory and I joke that when we go away, we'd almost rather sleep at home because we just want our OWN mattress. Buy from a place like Sleep Country and you can test it out for 30 (or 60?!?) days... and if you're not happy exchange it. Like I said, it took some getting used to (we even thought to return it!) but now we LOVE LOVE LOVE it and swear by it because of how much better our entire bodies feel.

As for mascara... there is one I love... can't think of the name. I'll be back to tell you when I remember.

Anonymous said...

Spring air - top quality one - we've tried a few and none compares - you get the firmness with the pillowtop feeling. McCleary's in Langley is the place - good people there! Make sure you protect the mattress with a zipped cover (didn't know about this for YEARS!).

Lori F.

Jason and Kristin said...

no idea about the mattress...and mascara is always one of those things that gives me trouble too! But I just bought Lash Blast by cover girl and I really like it!

devan said...

Tania, Check out:


IdahoKiwi said...

Hey Tania. I have used all the mascaras here expect the Dior. I am always trying to new ones and am currently using LashBlast - its great. I also sometimes use a liner that goes on the underside of the top lash and that really adds to the thick, healthy lash look. On mattresses, we were going to replace ours a while ago and instead bought a memory foam topper to add to it. I love it and it will give us a few more years out of our set. I am sure you can get one at Costco. If you don't love it, throw it on your guest bed and buy a new mattress for you - everyone's happy!

Angela said...

I have used Clinique lash doubling mascara for years now and I love it! I like long lashes too and this one does it for me, I have used the Voluminous one too from Loreal, I hated it.