25 June 2009

[renos: Dah Dah DUUUUUUUUM]

Renovations. Such a gift, such a pain ... who's idea was this anyways???

Oh - that'd be ours. *sigh*.

So, we're at the end of week 3, I think, and nothing's really finished ... just a lot of projects that are half-way or almost done.

Let's see ... wait! Yes, the bedrooms are done - they only had mouldings to put up. And Josiah's new room is painted (hoping for the CARS bed to arrive tomorrow). REALLY want to get his room finished and have him move in there ... and get the baby's room ready!

The crown is done, the fireplace is about half-way finished ... the front room has the wainscoting up, but nothing's been painted ... the kitchen is painted, but the lighting is more like hanging wires than lighting. And today, demolition begins on the powder-room. Glad I'm not potty training over the next couple of weeks!

Hardwood comes tomorrow, installation starts Monday. And they'll be having to break the slate tile as well. May have to move out during the day ... ah well. Better than breathing dust.

Pictures? Nothing ready yet ... hoping that we'll get Siah's room DONE this weekend and I can post the "before" (Tijuana *smile*) and "after".

Ok ... off to the granite guy and sink/faucet guy ... have a good one!

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sugarcube said...

You crazy girl! I am totally looking forward to the pictures...but in the meantime, wanna pick a few things up for me while you are out? heehee J