25 June 2009

[renos: HELP!!! This means YOU!!]

Ok ... TWO posts today ...

But this one is in a frantic rush - and I'm hoping I'll get SOME hits and comments *fingers crossed*.

Here's the thing ... the fireplace. I need to know WHAT to do!! Here's a pic of what it looks like today (kinda ruins the befores and afters ... but who cares *grin*).

Here's what I need help with. The fireplace sits above the floor. There will not be tile on the floor, just the main, shag carpet. SO ... what do I do with the 4 inches below the fireplace? I thought of continuing the baseboards from the walls, all along the base of the structure. But then it'd have to be notched out when it hit the fireplace (the baseboards are 6inches or so ...). OR we could tile all the way around the fireplace (not around the shelving), including along the floor. Our painter says he`s never seen baseboards around a fireplace, that it should be separate from the wall, not blend in.

These are the tiles we chose:

They are black, not blue *smile*. And about 1inch wide ... small little guys. Love them. SOOOOO - dear ones - what should be painted out white (like the mantle), where should be tiled, what should go along the floor.

ANYONE. Please. Help.


Candice said...

It's a bit hard for me to totally see it DONE..BUT, I think that the shelves and everything should be white. Then, around the fireplace and all other areas on the front should have tile. Like I said, it's hard to picture it without being right there (not one of my strong points *smile*). Anyway, that's my two cents !

Candice said...

To clarify: ONLY the indented protion of the front should be tiled.

Henri the Great said...

It depends on if you want a sissy fireplace or a real man's fireplace?

A real man's fireplace will have large rock facade all the way from bottom to top, with the fireplace inset about knee height... and the whole thing topped off with at least a 6 point elk antler rack.

A sissy girly-boy's fireplace will have tile surrounding it. The color isn't important, but I wouldn't recommend pink even if he insists.

I hope that helps!

Canadian Kristin said...

Wow, Tania! The new fireplace is AWESOME! Love how the fireplace and shelving is so balanced now and the fireplace is the focal point within the built-ins! Fantastic change!