26 June 2009

[talk: A Bunch of This n' That]

I usually feel lead to write about one thing or another ... not today - today is just a "ok, here's what's going on" kind of a post ...

The fireplace. Had a few friends write me their thoughts, and we chose to tile the entire face around the fireplace, except the shelves - which will have molding and be painted out white. A guy friend reminded me to put "feet" on the bottom of the pillars - note taken, AT. And HS? An ELK? You're whacked, dude *grin*. Thanks everyone for all your advice *smile*.

The renos. Painting looks like it'll be DONE today - with the exception of the baseboards, which will be done once the flooring is in. Hardwood has arrived - installation starts on Monday.

Worship. I had the privilege of leading at another church 2 weeks ago, and am leading at a different church campus this Sunday, then at our home campus the following week. Feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of time needed to prepare for that ...

Friends. Had a LOVELY time with a good friend today. Perhaps some would think that she and I get together often - which is not the case. I see her in groups, but I cannot remember the last time we were together for a heart-to-heart. Such a great time of venting, learning, laughing ... and the kids played well too *smile*.

Baby. I've had a difficult week, after a friend lost her baby at 28wks recently. She just went to the dr. for a regular visit, only to find the baby had no heartbeat. Tragic. And yet another nagging reminder that none of us are safe from loss. I am taking another friend's advice, and trying to not walk in dread.

Hubby. He's been walking in his aircast for a week now. YAY!! Still - he can't get up in the middle of the night when our children need us, which is just HORRIBLE for me. Last night, Siah was up at 1:30am, my hubby woke me up and I had to oomph myself out of bed. Once I was up, the baby inside awoke ... then I couldn't sleep. So frustrating - can't wait for him to be able to do "night shifts". Hopefully before this new one comes, and I'm up anyways *wink*!!

Ok ... must run. Month end ... statements to balance, invoices to pay ... fun fun fun.

Have a good one!

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Henri the Great. said...

>> An ELK?

A "fireplace" without a honkin' big set of elk antlers is not a fireplace at all. It's merely a heating utensil. A sad mimic for what could be a truly awe inspiring showpiece of man.

I'm just sayin'...