22 June 2009

[talk: A Really Great Day]

For the last few months, my hubby and I had been looking forward to our "big date".

And to be honest, I was a bit unsure of what it would look like, considering that my hubby had started limping in his air-cast last week, only to be told by his doctors to get off of it. So back into the wheelchair he went, or hobbling on crutches, such a difficult journey for him.

But this past Thursday, something changed. My hubby couldn't figure it out - but it was like he could all-of-a-sudden hobble in the air-case without pain. This was a GREAT thing and only 15 weeks since the accident *sigh* ...

This brings me to Saturday morning. We packed up the kidlets and took them to my in-laws where they were spoiled rotten *grin*, and were definitely fine with us leaving them there. My hubby and I arrived downtown, checked into the hotel we were staying in for the night (a BIG thank you to his clients who treat my hubby so great with a fantastic room-rate!!), then went to have a quick lunch.

After our yummy meal, we met up with 3 other couples at the spa. Yes - the SPA!! The guys had all arranged for us girls to get pedicures - which was SO fantastic for me, considering I can no longer reach my toes *wink*!!

Once our pedis were done, it was off to our favourite restaurant, KOBES, with an additional couple meeting us. All 10 of us took up an entire booth, and enjoyed laughing and eating the most fantastic "made-in-front-of-us" Japanese prepared food.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, it was off to see Coldplay. We sat with our good friends, and tried to take it all in. None of the four of us had been to a Coldplay concert before, and we were MESMERISED by the talent. We had good seats - but even better, when the band walked all the way to the back of the arena and played about 15min of tunes at a make-shift stage ... which was only 10 seats away from us!! I kept looking at my hubby, saying, "Can you believe this??" and he never replied - he was too busy videoing the whole thing with his phone.

And get this - the concert was videoed for DVD. So as a "thank you" to all of us "extras", the band gave out a free CD to each of us!!

The concert ended late - and after we said good-bye to all our friends - my hubby and I walked back to our hotel. WALKED - which in itself was a treat ... it's been months since he and I could hold hands and WALK together. SOOO great!!

It was a fantastic date, a much needed one ...

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Amanda said...

Jordan and I had such a great time with you and Lu on the Big Date!! What a nice treat it was for us to get our feet pampered!! *sigh* I think we should go again! Haha!