19 June 2009

[renos: Still Here, Still Kickin' ...]

Hey hey ... I'm still alive. And doing well (aside from being a wee bit hormonally imbalanced *wink*) - probably because I'm not bored *grin*.

Renos are coming along. All the baseboards and crown are in. The fireplace has been moved, and the surrounding shelves have been built. Upstairs, Josiah's new room has been painted and the hallway/landing is also completed.

Today, the wall above the newly built fireplace will be painted; the rest of the mouldings/crown will be sealed and painted; and hopefully the front room or kitchen will be done. Tomorrow, the fireplace will be completed ... YAY!!!

Also, we're getting the finalized info on the vanity for the powder-room. We've chosen a "bowl" sink - but only 3 inches up, not the big 6 inch one. It was surprisingly inexpensive, less than $90 and we think it'll really update the room.

Yesterday, I went to the banister-place. We have 12-year-old, white, dented, chipped banisters. We were deciding whether to simply sand them and repaint, or get new ones. The cost of sanding and painting was really high, so we opted to get new iron-spindle ones. They will make a massive difference in our great-room.

THEN, once those are done, the flooring gets done. Or maybe before the banisters ... we'll see. The stairs can't be done until the banisters are, but the rest of the house can be ... I'll be sad when I can't wear my shoes in the house - and there is such freedom in being careless on your cut-up carpet (because of wiring and such) ...

Can't wait to post some pics - but nothing is REALLY completed yet. Hopefully Josiah's CARS bed will be in next week, and we can hang his curtains and all that fun stuff. THEN I'll take a pic or two *GRIN* ...

Ok ... off to wrap the Father's Day presents (for hubby and dads). Then driving my mom to the airport ... and tonight is Tias' Preschool Graduation ... Ok ... I can post this pic - it's just toooo darn cute for words!! Gotta love the marketing that suckers parents into buying such pics!!

Hope you have a good one, and I'm hoping to be better at posting next week *grin*!!


Laura said...

Sounds great! Did Lisa pass along the name of my friend Chad who does carpentry and lovely staircases? She had asked me for his number to give to you.
See you tonight at the preschool grad! (Toooo cute of a picture, by the way!)

devan said...

Woot!!! Congrats !!!!