03 June 2009

[vacations: Sleepy Towns]

Do you remember going to sleepy little towns, staying at the Motor 8, spending afternoons perfecting the somersault under the water? I sure do.

Some of my favourite memories growing up, are the ones where we would meet up with other families, eat a Smitty's pancake breakfast, go mini golfing & go-carting in the evening, finishing it with a small chocolate dipped cone at the DQ.

**Ahhhh** ... can't you just SMELL summer???

Well, our little family is starting to make those kinds of memories already ... I am SO nostalgic - and hoping that these little trips will be full of wonderful memories for our kids.

Usually, summer doesn't begin until after school ends - but we went early and I HIGHLY recommend it, for a couple of reasons. One, the PRICE. It's not "high" season, and you can literally get a 2 bedroom suite for less than 1/3 of what it would cost during the summer dates. Second, the calm. No one is there ... the mini golf - no line ups. The lake - bare. The restaurants - deal after deal. And honestly? Where we were, the temperature was 34degreesC. How much more SUMMER can you get??

We mainly went to go visit my hubby's family who have purchased some land and are beginning the building process. This meant a LOT of dirt for the boys to play in. They loved it.

Plus, they went ATVing, swimming, and even went fishing to the local pond with their Nonno (grandpa). It was like being in the most perfect movie ...

We were only gone for 2 nights, a bit rushed but still - really great. Hope you're able to make the most of these fantastic "summer" days!

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