30 May 2009

[renos: Boys Bedroom Renovations]

Well - THIS is what I thought we were supposed to be doing this summer!! Getting the little one to realized he's going to be the BIG brother ... and kicking him out of his crib *grin*.

For that last few weeks, we've been baiting Josiah with a "red, Cars bed".

To which he would reply, with biiiig eyes, "Oooooooooooo!!!!"

We made a family outing of it, and it was good for Mattias to have to tag along for something about his brother, as Josiah seems to do for Tias every day.

The anchor of the room ...

And I actually felt BAD that we had moved Tias into a double-bed with grown up boy furniture ... but he doesn't want to change it. And Josiah was over the MOON with the thought of this as his bed.

So, we ordered it, and it arrives in 3 weeks. That gives me a bit of time to sort out "Tijuana" (that's was I call the craft room that ends up having everything in it ... just like Tijuana).

Then, off to Sears for the bedding - which was on SALE (whoo hoo!!). We got the Cars comforter and sheets, along with a set of dark blue sheets for an extra set. We also got him a Cars lamp - which has proven to be a problem in that he wants to sleep with it *grin*.

The wall colour? Ohhh - THIS was fun! I choose a yummy, bright "brookside moss" green. And there's a small architectural feature with his window, and that wall is going to be "champion cobalt" blue ... they're actually very sophisticated colours and would work well when he's out of his "Cars" bed. And the colours are pulled from the scene on his comforter ...

Decorating is going to be FUN ...

And as for the nursery that Siah's moving out of? It's perfectly fine the way it is ... the carpet will be changed, as all the bedrooms will be, and baseboards and crown moulding will be added. But that's it. If I knew it was a girl, then MAYBE I'd change it ... but right now it's done in browns, taupes and creams ...

Ok ... are you sick of my renos yet?? And we haven't even started yet!!

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Rishana said...

nope! I love reno's!!! keep the updates coming!