25 August 2009

[cool products: Luxe Designs - Personal Jewelry

**written prior to date, scheduled for posting - in case I'm out of comission *wink**

I have two friends who have the most lovely necklaces ... and I've been coveting them ever since I saw them. I know, shame on me ... blah blah blah *wink*.

I'm not sure if both of them are from the same company, but they're very similar in design. My first friend, LM, has a two strand necklace with little silver tags that hang down. One has the name of her hubby, and the others have the names of her children. It is sooo lovely.

My other friend, SL, put this informative post up a while back - detailing her special purchase. That's where I went for info when I asked my hubby if I could get one after our wee one's born ... Her necklace has other special charms that she chose to create her "individual" necklace. This is a photo from the site - NOT my friend's necklace ... I like hers better *grin*. But just to give you an idea ...

So, the other night, I spent a LONG time going through the website of Luxe Design - trying to come up with a special necklace for me. It took a while ... and I'm not going to order it until this new wee one comes ... after all, THEY'RE going to need to be represented too!!

I chose charms for my hubby, Tias, Siah, Shalom and myself - with a couple of other things that were important to me. Once I order it and get it in my hands, I'll be SURE to show you all about it ...

I love the idea of a "family" necklace ... like how those family rings use to be? With everyone's birthstone? That's what I feel this necklace is ... a modern version of that ...

Have a good one!


Lisa B. said...

What a great idea....beautiful women must think alike because a similar necklace is already picked out for Feb when our babe arrives!

Can't wait to see your necklace in person.

Tawn said...

I LOVE these necklaces and can't wait to finish it with a special charm for this new wee one :-) ... I'm sure you're super excited to, for what your family necklace is going to look like when complete!!