27 September 2009

[biggest loser: DUT DUT DUMMMM. First Weigh In.]

It's Monday ... oh dear. How did that happen??

Ok - the FIRST way in, but FIRST off - whoo hoo!! - thanks again to all of you who have joined me on this necessary feat of 'Biggest Loser' *grin*! I'd love to tell you that I'm down an amazing 10lbs and that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But, alas, that would be more than a fib - and I'd probably get struck by lightening. Hmmm ... sounds like quick weight loss to me ... *grin*.

SO - I've been SUPER bad, weighing myself every morning. Tsk, tsk on me. But, here's the thing ... being a newly nursing mom, I have found my weight fluctuating by POUNDS from evening to morning ... I tad frustrating, as I'm actually not REALLY sure what my weight is.

This morning I did the ridiculous ... peed AND pumped before weigh-in. *blush*.

My weight, this morning, was: 157lbs. That's a loss of ONE LOUSY pound. Ugh. I guess, though, that it's better than nothing - and I've seen "The Biggest Loser" when people BUST themselves, and don't lose anything. And I should also say, that I've noticed the smallest of changes already ... I think I might measure inches as well

I definitely did some BETTER things this week and am thinking that in 2 or 3, I may really be on the right path. First off, I went for walks (now that I'm more-or-less healed up) -which the boys LOVED - and also started up a regimen on Wii Fit ... love that thing, and it's super fun to do with the boys too ... I watched my dinner meals (I'm not prepared to cut carbs entirely, due to nursing...), and I fell in love with my turkey salads for lunch. I definitely wasn't perfect - even ended up at the DQ for a "date" with my kids ... BUT I will say, that I picked a SMALL treat ... well. Small-ish *grin*.

I'm excited for this week to be another one with small accomplishments ... I'm feeling like if I don't' get overwhelmed, it'll just get easier. Plus, my hubby's doing some life changing of his own - and when you're doing it together, it seems to be easier.

SO - I hope that you had a small smile on your face when you weighed in ... and for those of you who are participating, be sure to post YOUR results - as beautiful, or shameful, as they are ... and remember - today is a NEW day ... go for it!

Have a good one!


Patti said...

Congrats on the loss, Tania! That's awesome. I totally get the weight fluctuations with nursing. Before long we'll all be at our goals and thrilled with ourselves.

My weigh-in post is up..with pics!


Angela B said...

So I weighed this morning, I'm down 1 lb as well, boo! lol Hoped for more but it's still less than last week so that's good. I did manage to work out to a Biggest Loser dvd as well, that went well until the next day when I could barely walk cause my bum and legs were so sore! haha I don't know if anyone else is interested but I would up for a regular walking group in Cloverdale/Langley for some extra exercise.

Nelson Coopers said...

Good job everyone for 'losing'!

I am 3 lbs down from last week. I'm now 149 and it feels so good to be under 150 =)

After a week of pretty good eating but zero excercise I didn't have my expectations too high. My diet was obviously worse than I thought!

Anonymous said...

This morning I was 173, so down 1.5 this week, 6.5 total. Sometimes the amount I lose each week doesn't seem like much, so I like to remind myself of how much I've lost total! :) Good luck this week!

natasha said...

k, i just need to tell you that, until recently, i never really believed the "what the scale says doesn't really matter" philosophy.
what finally convinced me? the fact that i have been busting myself for over 3 months at bootcamp and haven't lost ANY weight!! talk about frustrating!
the good thing is, however, that we don't actually record weight at all as a measure, but inches - of which i've lost 14!
i'll bet that if you measured yourself, you would find you're shrinking faster than the scale is telling you. :)

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