30 September 2009

[cool products: My Personalized Necklace is Here!]

OOOOOOO ... soo excited to have this!!

My necklace is here, and I have barely taken it off since it arrived. It only took just over a week - and I am sooooo pleased with it!! Are you interested in what I chose? Well ... if you are ...:

The largest charm says "Jeremiah 29:11" which is my favourite verse ( "... for I know the plans I have for you ..."). Then, our three children have their names on individual oval tags (Mattias, Josiah & Katia). There's a heart with my hubby's name in it and I got a clear crystal to represent me, as my birthday is in April and the diamond is my month's stone. The small cross symbolizes my faith ... and then, I got a special small heart that has a blue stone in it. It's for Shalom ... her birth stone for December is blue.
I love how I can wear all the charms, which I do daily. Or - I could have just my kids names ... or just the cross. It's totally versatile and honestly, my favourite piece of jewelry.
If you'd like more information, you can click here for my previous post. Or - if you have a question you'd like to ask, write it in the comments - I'll be glad to help you!

So, there you have it ... my little family necklace.


Nickie said...

Love it!!!! I can understand why you wouldn't want to take it off.

Lisa B. said...

Looks beautiful!

Canadian Kristin said...

Turned out awesome, Tania!!!