24 September 2009

[digiscrap: More more more ...]

Life has been sunny 'round here ... happy to have the hubby home and SO enjoying the sunshine. Having been preggo for most of the summer, I had tried to avoid the sun - but now - bring it ON!!

I love taking the kids to the park - and yesterday was no exception. We headed to the water park - and ended up staying for over 3 hours!! The boys loved it ... and Katia slept, which was SHOCKING since it was so warm ... but she was shaded, and obviously content.

Today - I'm sorting through the pantry as I'm planning a little visit to the Food Bank with the boys tomorrow. Also, Siah and Katia and I are going to head to the craft store, as I want to make little "cast impressions" of the kid's hands and feet. And I need to reconcile our bank accounts (we use Quicken) ... haven't done that since the beginning of the summer *ugh*.

OH! And WHOO HOO to all of you participating in the "Biggest Loser" with me! I totally understand why some would choose to remain anonymous or choose to not post the numbers. But remember, when you post anonymously, you ARE anonymous. I have no clue who you are!! So - be encouraged today ... go for a walk, pass on the flavoured latte, choose a smaller plate to help with portions ... the weigh in is on MONDAY (do yourself a favour and don't weigh everyday ... ).

Hmm. This was supposed to be a digiscrap post. Ok. Here are a few pages *smile*. And don't laugh that I just completed last year's Christmas page *grin* ...
Have a good one!

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devan said...

typo in your 2nd Picture !
Shouldnt it say Christmas December 2008 instead of 2009 ?


Tawn said...

you NOTICED!!! Yup. What can I say ... I'm efficient :-).