09 September 2009

[redhandedphotography: Last Wedding of the Summer

I was 36 weeks pregnant when I photographed my last wedding of the season. Hmmm ... or was I 37 weeks?? Whatever the case, I had the most gracious bride and groom, who ensured that I was off of my feet and well hydrated in between shoots *smile*.

I am so passionate about photography - way more than I ever thought. I love photographing weddings ... although I have been blessed by being hired to do small, intimate weddings and wonder if a big, lavish wedding would scare me senseless.
I received and inquiry for a wedding held in our city's core, Yaletown. THAT is a bit intimidating, for sure. And I was so honoured to be recommended by my cousin, who is a graphic artist and outstanding in his field. SO - that wedding is in July of 2010, and we'll see if I land the job or not. And I have a wedding scheduled for January 2, 2010. Nothing like starting off the year with a bang!! PLUS, I've just purchased a new camera (which is coming today!!!) and it'll allow me to take sharper images in less light ... which is a good thing, considering the January wedding will be held in a barn. It's a Nikon D300S. Can't WAIT to get it into my hands later today ...

I had the bride of my last wedding in our home last night, to receive her images. There is NOTHING more wonderful than watching a bride be moved to tears, then to laughter, then to "ooohhh - I love that one!" It is so wonderful ... and she said something to me that made me warm inside. She asked if she could hug me, because I was an answer to her prayers. She said that she had been quoted thousands of dollars for photos, and thought that she wouldn't be able to have quality, creative photos that she could afford.

Which leads me to my rates - and the pressure I've had to increase them. I know that an increase in rates may lead some to believe that I am more "professional" or whatever. But I do photography because I LOVE it, not because it's a "job". So, for now, I'm going to keep my rates as low as I can - still walking away with a fair payment but allowing those who cannot afford decent photography, to have it.

ANYWAY ... here's the link to my photography blog. And here's the link to my photography site and the link for the new photos of this wedding are in "featured photoshoot".

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