08 September 2009

[digiscrap: Gettin' 'Er Done

Since Katia is a bit of a night owl (uuuuuunder statement ...), I find myself up at 1am - completely wired. So - I've been getting some digiscrap time in and am trying to clean up my hard drive by putting the pics and pages on disks, then deleting them off of my computer.

But before I do that, I thought I'd share some of the recent pages I've done. The EVENTS may be a year old, but the pages are new *grin*.

I WILL catch up, I WILL catch up, I WILL catch up ...
double click images to enlarge

NOW - to upload them to the Costco site, order them, save them onto disk and delete off of my hard drive once that's all done ... Usually I do this at the end of every month - but it's been about 6 months since the last time I cleaned everything up - so it's proving to be a bigger task than usual.

Good thing I enjoy it!!

Have a good one ...


Canadian Kristin said...

Best to get the hard drive cleaned off and photos dealt with before the Christmas season! That's my personal goal, anyway!!!

Lisa B. said...

Good for you! Way to use every spare moment of the day...and night I guess!

Looking forward to more pages...you always do such a beautiful job!

devan said...

Tawn, whats the pricing outline for Costco books? Have you seen what I use ?