23 October 2009

[contest: The RESULTS!!!]

Hello hello ... (this is my last year's Christmas card ... just an example of what I can do ...)

WELLL - the first official "Homemakin' Girl" contest is over ... and I wonder where all of you went to *grin*?? I only had a few responses in my email box - maybe because some of you felt you were late getting your answers in?

Whatever the case ... here are the answers:
1. The name of the cruise ship? The Liberty Of the Seas
2. The NZ treats? ANZAC cookies
3. The treats that Winnie the Pooh's friend would like? Tiger Butter (Tigger is a tiger, no?)
4. The countries my dad was visiting? Russia & Poland
5. The famous person I saw in Aldo? Tori Spelling

And did you notice I put up a "search" link on my site to help you?? I was trying to make the last question super hard ... then thought, it would be too hard to find. But if you had searched "famous" - the answer was right there. I wonder how many of you used that *grin*?

So - you wanna know the winner?? *drumroll*

I put the post up at 9:48AM ... all five correct answers came into my mailbox at 9:54am. SOMEONE was with it this morning *grin* ... Mr. Jason P. You are the winner. Your wife will be happy ... she submitted her answers at 10:12am - and they were all correct too!

But here's the REAL surprise. I'm going to extend my "gift" to all those who took the time to send me their answers *GRIN* ... ("YOU get a card, YOU get a card ... YOOOOU GET A CARD!!" - I'm having an Oprah moment *laughing*)
Here's the list:
Jason & Kristin P.
Mary K.
Steve P.
Rosalia C.
Oxana K.
Vanessa L.
Rosalee B.
Shelley M.

Here's what to do to "claim" your prize. Send me up to 3 photos (via tawnsblog@hotmail.com), your colour preference, greeting (merry christmas, joy to the world .. whatever you'd like ...), the closing "with love, the whoevers..." and whether you'd like it contemporary or more "scrapbook" like (traditional). Also - I am able to black-n-white photos if desired. Be sure to let me know ....

That's it!!
The sooner you have them in, the sooner I can do it :-). If you do NOT submit your information by November 5, you will NOT receive your free card.

Once it's complete - I'll email it to you and you can upload it. PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO CHANGES made once I have completed and delivered the created card as I'm already going to have my hands full by doing so many *grin* - so be specific in your instructions.

Hope this put a smile on some of your faces!!

Have a good one!


Shelley said...

Thanks so much....so cool....we are having family photos on Sunday...if it is not pouring with rain...will forward them before Nov 5th.

Mary @Delightful Bitefuls said...
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Mary @Delightful Bitefuls said...

Oh, thank you! This is so exciting!! Even though I didn't "win," I did!!!

And Tiger Butter was my first choice... haha, ohhh I wish I didn't have to read into everything :) Hope you enjoyed my thought process, ha!

Thanks again :)

Unknown said...

Thank you SO MUCH!! I can't believe you'll make the cards for EVERYBODY.. Tania, you are amazing! And yes, I searched "famous" just.. too late:)

Rosalia said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. That's so great.

Yin said...

Hiya Tania, GREAT to hear from you and to find out the latest in your world, A new baby!! Just such a wonderful blessing!! I'm gonna hang around to read a bit more, just want to say your layouts ROCK as usual, and yes I'm gonna snag them for my blog for sure. Great going, girl, so happy for you.