26 October 2009

[biggest loser: My Hubby's Plan ...]

So - before my own weigh in, I thought I'd tell you what my hubby has been up to. A few of you have asked what he's been doing and wondered how did he's been able to lose weight so quickly.

My hubby had gained a bunch of weight after his leg injury, and was frustrated because he couldn't exercise to get it off. We have seen a number of different friends try a program, with amazing results. He decided to try it himself. He joined Sure Slim.

Basically, they analyse your blood and let you know how your system works and how it digests and uses food. Then, they give you a list of what you can eat - how much, when you can eat it, and what you can eat it with. It's fairly complicated, and not for the undisciplined.

Truth is, is that he's worked super hard and is being fully diligent on the program. He's sacrificed a lot for it - and although it's been quick, he is re-booting his metabolism and having to relearn his relationship with food. He spends a lot of time buying and preparing his food ... he's packing lunches and storing fresh cut veggies in the fridge. Um ... where IS the husband that I knew???

I'm super proud of him ... and wish that I could have the same results - 20lbs in 4 weeks so far for him ... Although, last night he told me that he simply loves food. And that he can't do this plan forever ... to which I replied, "So - you're going to gain it all back???" Of course not - but he's not going to live the "plan" for the rest of his life. At least now he knows how to get it off quickly, if too much comes back on.

BUT today is MY weigh in ... and here are my results this week: weight: 153.2lbs waist:34.5inches hips:39 inches. I'm down almost THREE pounds from last week!!! WHOO HOO! And half and inch off of my waist. SO pumped ... I'm on a roll now - and nothin's gonna stop me now (... can you hear Starship in the background? "Noooothin's gonna stop us nooooow ...")

In my mind, I had a goal to be a "certain" weight by the time I lead worship again at my church. You know, to wear NORMAL pants - not maternity ones. BUT, they put me on to lead THIS Sunday - which isn't enough time ... BUT, if I could be in the 140's by then??? I'd be sooo happy. Is it possible to lose 3.3pounds in one week? Hmmmm ... don't think so.

I am so excited to get back into the Music Department at the church. It's my "small" church in a "big" church. Leading worship is the most wonderful thing for me. I have truly missed it over these past few months. I'm a little nervous, though ... it's been a while.

PLUS, I'm going to be singing in the Christmas Production this year!! I haven't been involved in our church's productions since we lost Shalom in Dec.06 - so I am really excited about being a part of it again. I LOVE Christmas Productions!

On another note, a BIG THANKS to all who participated in my CONTEST. If you were one of the winners and haven't yet supplied me with the required info and photo(s) - don't forget!! There IS a deadline!

Have a good one - and remember, that if this WASN'T a good week for you - this upcoming one WILL be. Baby steps ... that's what I'm trying to do!


Patti said...

YAH FOR YOU! That is a great weigh-in, isn't it?

I actually gained a pound and a half this week, but I'm keeping on going....not letting it get me down.

I hope you have a great week this week and that your prep for Sunday flows smoothly and that worship on Sunday is AMAZING. I'll be thinking and praying for you.

Joanne said...

Awesome Job Tawn, but at any weight you look great, you know this...but it matters how you feel...I know this ;)

Joanne said...

Bah, I'm signed in as my Mom...it was Shawna, not Jo ;)

julia said...

That is fantastic! Good job =)

I have gone up AGAIN this week but have decided I need to be doing measurements too because my pants are definately fitting better. Maybe then I wont feel like there is no point trying?!