23 October 2009

[digiscrap: ON a ROOLLLL & Final Contest Clue]

I have been on a ROLLLLL with my digiscrapping!! Maybe that's because Katia doesn't go to sleep until midnight ... so I have a good few hours in the evening to get some stuff done.

I'm desperately trying to catch up with the "small" pages ... putting the photos on disk, doing the pages, printing them, removing them from my harddrive. I have a couple of BIG projects that I really want to get on to ... one being my NZ / Auz trip. I haven't even STARTED editing those pics. I guess it seems too daunting ... takes too long to feel like I've "done' something. That's why I'm doing so many little pages ...

But once I get going on it, it shouldn't take me too terribly long. I know my Mom is anxious to have it done - as I'm giving a copy to her and my dad as a "thank you". *hi mom!!* ... she reads these posts *grin*.

I've had some inquiries about the food plan my hubby's been doing ... he's lost over 20lbs in 4 weeks. I'll post that on Monday ...

So here are my new pages ... scroll down for the FINAL CLUE ...

double click images to enlarge

"Name the famous person I saw in the downtown Aldo store."
NOW ... quick - send your FIVE answers to tawnsblog@hotmail.com . First one with ALL FIVE correct answers, wins!! GOOD LUCK!!

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