09 October 2009

[talk: Getting Pregnant When Already Pregnant??]

Sunday nights are my "blogging" nights. After the kids are in bed, my hubby and I watch a couple of shows and I have my laptop ready for posting. During the previous week, I usually have a few ideas about the different posts I'd like to do - then, on the Sunday night, I prepare them all. When the drafts are finished - I schedule them to post on different days. I find it a great way to blog, and if I really want to change something, or add/take away, I can easily do it.

Well - today's post will be next week's because I just read this on MSN.

A women, who was already pregnant, got pregnant AGAIN. She's due in December AND in January!!!! Can you even IMAGINE???? Delivering one baby (oooh, the pain), only to have to do it AGAIN a few weeks later?

So - that is my post. Because I am now ruined for the day - being haunted by the sheer craziness that this is even possible ... Be careful, my pregnant friends *wink*!!

Next week, I'll be posting the details of the CONTEST I'll be having. Be sure to stop by and check that out. And for all my Canadian readers, here's to a fantastic Thanksgiving Weekend!

And remember - there will still be the BIGGEST LOSER WEIGH-IN on Monday morning. Aren't you glad that's BEFORE Thanksgiving dinner???

Mmmmmmm ... turkey. *grin*


Laura said...

This is something I didn't want to read!! ;) I've heard of this before... you can either still ovulate when pregnant, or have two uteruses (which isn't even a word!) Ummm, no thanks!!

white girl said...

I heard about this woman! I read that it's likely both babies will be born at the same time since the contractions would affect both. Apparently, it's happened before but the second pregnancy wasn't viable by the time the first baby was ready to be born, but with this lady, her babies were conceived only one month apart. Crazy!

Maybe the plural of uterus is uteri.

Canadian Kristin said...

Yikes! I can't even imagine the headache or stress or fatigue or worry that might come with this. It's gotta be really rare, yes?

Shawna said...

you can also {obviously} have two different fathers to the two different pregnancies...well, that is if you, ah, I don't need to expand on that one!

Anonymous said...

YUCK!!!! That is just evil! I'm speachless! YUCK!!!

MichelleKGB said...

My mom is convinced that this happened to her, too. My twin brothers came out with one of them looking 2 weeks early and the other a week late, so she's sure they were conceived 3 weeks apart but born on the same day.