09 November 2009

[biggest loser: Wow. Monday. Again??]

Heeeeeelllllloooooo ttttthhhhheeeerrrrreeeee. (I'm imitating Dora from Finding Nemo. Did I do ok??)

I've been away from Homemakin' Girl for a bit ... had a bad bug for a few days - left me in bed, wishing I could take cold & flu medicine (I can't because of Katia ...). Then, I started panicking, thinking that I hadn't put up a post .... I hadn't gotten a chance to pre-post earlier that week.

I realized that this blog has started to become more about my readers, than me. That's not a bad thing ... I have many friends and family who stop by - and new "blog friends" - and that's totally cool. But I have literally worried about not having posts up - not caring WHAT I posted ... So, I'm going to try and not be a slave to my blog. We'll see if it works *grin*.

Whatever the case, TODAY's post is "The Biggest Loser" post. It's Monday ... and that's what happens around here. How long will I be doing the "Biggest Loser"?? Until I reach my goal of 124lbs. My wedding weight.

I may be doing this until 2012. HA!

Today's weight??? Drumroll please .... 148.4lbs!!! WHOOO HOOO ... that flu was really helpful *grin*. Waist: 34inches Hips: 38inches. So, I'm down 2.4lbs, no inches of my waist, and half an inch off my hips. And that means I have 24.4lbs to go ?? Ugh. But I am down 9.6lbs since starting this on Sept 22 .

This is all great - but my pants still don't fit (maybe because they're 29inch waist pants???). SO a mom in the nursery gave me a GREAT idea ... she wears her "normal" pants because her legs and all fit fine - just her tummy is still loose ... So, she wears the "belly bands" (look here for a whole STACK of them on Etsy). She doesn't do up the button and has these to cover it. What a GREAT idea!!

Now. Not sure whether I will do this ... as you'll all know that my pants are undone *grin*. But hey - you never know!

Would love to hear how you're doing in TBL ... JC, PC, LR .... I know there are more of you out there *grin* ...

Have a good one!!


Laura said...

At the beginning of my pregnancy I sat around at work many a day with my pants unbuttoned, before fully embracing maternity pants! And I've learned that I'm not the only one to do that, pregnant, post-baby, or otherwise! So, don't feel bad :)
I hear that Bella Bands are awesome for just that reason - perfect for the times of transition!
Hope you keep feeling better and better :)

Julia said...

I have a friend who puts a hair tie through the button hole and loops both ends around the button so it doesn't gape too wide if you can't do it up - works a treat!!

My weight today is 146.5 lb I don't think I'm down from last week but my hip and waist measurements have both gone down 1/2 inch so I must be doing something right! I have been gymming heaps so I figure it must be my muscle. I just hope the numbers start moving a bit more soon - I really wanted to be 132 lb by Christmas =(

Patti said...

I'm down this week too....another 1.2 pounds. YAH!

Adventures of the Homemaking Mommy said...

I have not commented in the last couple of weeks because I have not been trying too hard, lol. I have been somewhat successful at cutting down my sugar and some fats so that's good but by no means am I doing all that well, dumb will power, I have none. Great job on your loss though!