27 December 2009

[talk: First Christmas 2009]

PHEWF!  What a great week - and now the sun is shining, the frost is sparkling and life feels good *smile*.  I'm home with Josiah, as we started potty training yesterday and he has yet to poop in the toilet.  Oh, he's pooped alright ... just not in the toilet *grin*.  SO - instead of going to church, he and I are having a little time together ...  My hubby and Tias went - so the home is quiet and I'm trying to not eat the bucket-full of "reward" MnMs for breakfast *GRIN*.

So - while I have a moment here (Katia is still sleeping for the moment ...), thought I would give my family and friends a little update on what's been going on around here ...  so much to catch up on.

My parents have a great tradition.  Because of all of us having in-laws and in-laws in-laws and such, Christmas can be crazy trying to see both sides of the family in such a short time.  But my parents have taken off that pressure of the "24th and 25th only" thing ... we have our family celebration on the 21st and 22nd.    This way, we can all be together.  I love it.

And this was the first year with our whole family being "complete" with Katia having her very first Christmas.  Of course, she had no clue what was going on - and was happy to be observing from her swing *grin*.

My brother and his family, as well as my own, met at my folk's place for our "pretend" Christmas Eve.  We had a fondue, like every year, and then we all slept over.  The Family Fondue is one of our favourite traditions, because dinner lasts a long time, conversations develop and you eat and eat.  Probably not the healthiest meal - ok, FAR from healthy - but it's TRADITION *grin*.  The sacrifices we make for tradition *wink*.

Mom and Dad were so gracious to let my hubby and I, along with Katia (who hadn't slept anywhere other than her crib before ...) sleep in their room.  Mom wouldn't have it any other way - and she and Dad slept in the family room. 

Then - in the morning - we all had "Christmas Day" breakfast, full of German Pancakes, eggs, bacon and the list goes on ...  After breaky, we read the story of the birth of Christ and then opened presents.  After presents, we play games, sit and chat, eat and eat ... it was SUCH a great year this year.

Josiah's hiding behind me in this pic ... probably finishing stuffing his face with fruit *grin*.

Mattias was much quieter this year - acting a little embarrassed when we would make a big deal over a present.  All he wanted were Wii games ...

All Siah really wanted this year:  a red monster truck - and he LOST his mind when he opened it.  It was so great!

My bro and SIL got Katia these Converse.  I will keep them forever!!  LOVE them!

And this was before the REAL Christmas Eve and Christmas Day even started ... so fun!  There were three different family Christmas' - and too many pics *GRIN*.

Hope that your Christmas was a special time for you and your loved ones.

Have a great one!

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Lil Schmunk said...

Christmas was so special to us too again this year. To have you all including Darren's family sleep over again this year was such a treat. This family tradition I hope never ends....Dad & I love and treasure this special time together so much. You are all loved.