28 December 2009

[biggest loser: Monday After Christmas ... UGH]

I'm scared to step on the scale.  We've had 3 family Christmas celebrations - to which I have tried to be very good.  No desserts - except once.  No baking.  No potatos/pasta, except once.  Lots of running around, cleaning, cooking, setting up, tearing down, dressing kids, undressing kids ... even some Wii competitions with the hubby when the kids were safe and sound in bed ...

I'm going to save this entry and weigh myself in a bit ... Still potty training Josiah and came against a road bump yesterday:  diarrhea and a sore bum.  Him.  Not me *grin*.  It's hard to train when he's walking bow-legged saying, "ouch ouch ouch ...".  And yesterday had been REALLY good - much better than Tias ever was on "day two" of potty training!!   Tias had taken months to train ...

Siah has been so different, as different kids will be.  I had hoped to be pretty much done with training today, obviously with some "accidents" down the road ... but he wants to sit in his diaper right now because he says it feels nicer on his bum.

After he finishes his breakfast, I'll have him run around naked.  Truth is, THAT'S the best thing for his sore bum.  Then, I'll just be hovering over him all day - making sure he doesn't squirt something out.   Hmmm.  Is that too graphic?  Sorry *grin*.

** delay **

Ok.  Here are today's numbers and I am HAPPY!!    
weight: 139.8lbs         waist:  31"          hips:  37"

Next week's goal? 
weight: 138.5lbs      waist:   30.5"       hips:  36.5"

Possible?  Hey - ANYthing is possible ... Siah's gone poop on the potty THREE TIMES today.    NO accidents, no sore bum ... could this be?  Could he actually be TRAINED? It's 11am.  Maybe I should get through the day first. *Grin"    

Timer just went off - to the potty he must go ... have a good one!

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julia said...

You are amazing!! You lost weight over Christmas??!!

I am not weighing myself! I know I will be hugely dissappointed so whats the point right?!

I am back on track so maybe next week =)