24 February 2010

[digiscrap: Shoutouts]

It was a late night, a few nights ago, and I ventured on to Simply Yin's blog. She's a mastermind "template designer" for digiscrapping ... and her and I have had a few lovely conversations about digiscrap, kids and God.  Anyway - while I was scrolling down her posts, I saw that she had done another shoutout for me on her site ... hmmm ... maybe that's where all my hits are coming from *grin*??  You can check it out here.

AND I've been digiscrapping up a storm ... well, more like a hurricane.  Or typhoon.  A lot of pages being done - feeling good about it ... I desperately want to get these 2009 pics off of my computer and get on to 2010 ... I can do it, I can do it, do it do it ... Yup - I can do it, as long as Yin keeps designing templates *laughing*!!  And if our kids keep going to bed before 8pm ... and hour a night is all I need. 

Here are a few recent pages, I'll post more later.  Click the image to enlarge.

Have a great one!

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