03 February 2010

[katia: Baby Dedication]

Every home has something that they look forward to - and for our little family, we look forward to the day our child is dedicated at our church.

This is a time where we have our church family stand with us in our desire to raise our child to know the love of Christ and serve Him alone.  It is not a baptism, but a prayer - and a time where the importance of family love and support is most apparent.

Little Katia Rose was dedicated at our church this past Sunday morning.  Our little family stood together as our Pastor prayed blessing and protection over her. 

After the service, my parents held a little luncheon for our immediate family members at their house.   Our cousin and her daughter from New Zealand were here on vacation, and as a gift of love to us, they offered their talents of design and culinary expertise *grin*!

It was a lovely afternoon, with the boys playing with their cousins and the adults laughing and sharing stories.  Family is a beautiful thing - and such a gift.  It is a blessing to have my in-laws and parents be so close, and to have my NZ family be welcomed as if they lived next door.  My heart is full of thanks to be surrounded by such wonderful people, whose same blood runs in my own veins.
And at the heart of this, was Katia.  How amazing that this little one pulls our family even closer together, provides us with another common bond and makes all of our souls smile.

It truly was a lovely day.


Shawna said...

Was a very lovely day!

Patti said...

Great pics of you all. Family is so fun and important, isn't it?

Lisa B. said...

Looks like a fabulous day! And little Katia is just delicious!!!

Tawn said...

t'was lovely *smile*.

natasha said...

terrific photos of your oh-so-adorable family! congrats on katia's dedication :)

Canadian Kristin said...

My fave Katia photos so far! Sounds like a lovely day to celebrate the gift Katia Rose is. {smile}