05 February 2010

[make: CARS Racing Track Cake]

You'd THINK that Josiah would be keen to have something different for his birthday party.  You know - maybe a pirates theme, or Mickey Mouse, or Little Einsteins.  Something other than Cars??  It's always Cars ... his playtime, his room, his birthdays ... ah well.  I guess it's his thing *grin*.

The only cakes I've made have had a "Cars" theme - aside from the ghastly bowling cake I attempted for Tias this past year. Tias was the first one to fancy the little red racing car named Lightning McQueen -  ... and yet, here I found myself doing it again.  Siah wanted a "fast-race-track-cars-Piston-cup-cake".  Oh dear.

I had no clue where to start, so I baked 2 nine inch rounds with chocolate cake as my first step.  Then I stared at them on and off for about 3 hours as they cooled.  I was lost as to what to do next.  So - I trimmed them both a little, so they fit together.  Then, with the cut wedges, I created the "stands" ... I trimmed them too.  Hmmm.  What next, what next ...

Then, I got out the kinked-up string licorice I had bought and started doing the "outline" of what I wanted.  I knew I wanted a race track - so I put that in.  And then I figured I'd do a "3" - since it was his third birthday.  Then I outlined the stands.

I thought that I'd make the center part "grass", so I used green sprinkles.  Then, I used fine, black sugar to spread as the ashphalt.  I used a small spoon to smooth it out right to the edges. 

I used larger confetti candy to imitate the "cars crowd" in the stands.  At first, I had thought that I might put them in individually, but that was too painfully slow for me.  I ended up just spooning them on, and pushing them into place. 

I hummed and hawed about the colour of the "3", and opted to use the colourful confetti candy to fill it in.  Then I had to break out the tweezers to pick up the teensy weensy candies that landed in the wrong spots. 

I used the small Cars characters to decorate, along with a "trophy" candle, three striped candles (for the finish line), and a couple of checkered flags.

It really didn't take long - the hardest part was deciding what to do.

I was really happy with how it turned out.  And more importantly, so did Josiah.

Have a good one!


Still Enjoying the Journey said...

INCREDIBLE!!!! Talented lady ... original too. Love it ... considering I just purchased a cars cake for Buddy's 3 this year ... you out did yourself! This and the MACK cake you did previously, I'm very impressed! Good on ya ...

Shawna said...

Looked awesome! Great job Tawn!

devan said...

so cool!!! you're like the "cake boss" :)

my bday is in April...could u come up with something for mine ?

Rosalia said...

so cute, what a good job. Would you mind if I use your idea for my son's 3rd birthday on feb 19th ?Where did you get the trophy candle and checkered flags?.

Tawn said...

thanks everyone :-). Devon, I assure you I am not a "cake boss" *GRIN* ... all I try and do is make my kiddies smile when they see their cake :-). It's become a tradition - and Mattias is already talking about what he wants for his August birthday ... I love tradition :-)!! And Rosalia - you are welcome to copy whatever you'd like ... would LOVE to see a photo, if you're able to post one :-)!! I got the trophy candle and the flags our local cake-supply store called "Scoop and Save". But I'm sure you could go to a dollar store or something and find other supplies that would totally work... good luck! You'll do great!

Mary @Delightful Bitefuls said...

I'm ALWAYS impressed with what you come up with - such a talented women, you are! Turned out amazing!