11 July 2010

[redhanded photography: Jason & Cindy]

Last week's wedding took place in Yaletown.  That place is full of style and class ... made me a little nervous, to be honest.

There's a teaser up ... full post will be ready tomorrow.

Click here to view the preview.  Love getting comments ... are any of you still out there?  'Been kinda quiet (all you silent ones out there ... you know who you are *wink*!)

Have a good one :-)!


Caroline said...

I'm still here ;0)

Caroline said...

Our son actually LOST his first tooth. We found it though ;0) It was hidden in the blue and white speckelled carpet. He then lost 8 teeth within a year!

(Just prepping ya)...
Does Katia have any teeth? (I realize she is nearing one year old, but all babies get them at different times) If so, kind of cool that as one child is getting them, the other is losing them ;0)