12 July 2010

[tias: The Loose Tooth]

I've been dreading this day ... 

Anyone who knows me, knows that when push comes to shove - I'm not a huge fan of change.  I like the way things are ... I spend a lot of time and effort making things efficient and right, so when they change - well, it irks my core.

I admire people who thrive on change ... although I DO like to change my hair a lot - does that count?

ANYWAY - on Saturday night, I randomly asked Tias if he had any loose teeth yet (why, I'll never know...), to which he said, "yes".


And he stuck his tongue on his bottom tooth and it wiggled as he stared at me.  He actually looked like he thought he was going to get in trouble.   

He said, "I just felt it today ... "

So, I grinned the biggest grin ever and said, "OH MY GOODNESS, Mattias!!!  This is so exciting!!  You're going to lose a tooth!!!  Can I feel it??" ... while he began to beam.

Meanwhile, I am thinking, " *sob* My little boy's smile is going to change!!"

What to do, what to do?

Well ... again, if you know me?  Out came the camera today, with the idea of a digiscrap page where I can keep his smile forever.  Oh - little one.  You're not so little, are you.

My handsome little boy ... can't stop him from getting bigger - so I'll just have to celebrate it *grin*!  This kid has my HEART ... and the little summer freckles make him cuter than ever.

So.  That's some big news 'round these here parts.

Andddddd ... my Redhanded Photography blogpost is up ... interested?  Come stop by - would love to have you ... 

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Mary @Delightful Bitefuls said...

What a GREAT smile he has! Fabulous pics, Tawn! He's so handsome!