19 August 2010

[digiscrap: More. ]

More pics mean more pages.

I actually spent $200+ printing out 92 pages this week ... BUT - it's still cheaper than what I was doing before with conventional scrapbooking, with pics and products and all.  The trick is to do $20/month not $200 for 10 months *wink*.

Went for an 8km run this morning ... and it seems to have washed some "blues" away.  Maybe my body has been suffering from lack of exercise?  I mean, I ran a couple of days ago ... but maybe I need to be doing more?  

More.  Ha.   It's always more ... *grin*.

Ok.  Here are some pages ...

Click images to enlarge.

... tomorrow I'll be posting Tias' bday cake that I made last night.

I assure you.  It's far from brilliant ... but he loves it *smile*.

Have a great one!

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