16 August 2010

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So much, so much, so  oooo oooo much.

Our home has recovered from the Florida time change, and life continues to fly by.  I've already done a family photo shoot since we came back, and led worship at the Recovery Service (which is, like, the highlight of my month ...) and run twice.

Speaking of which ... my 6km today.  Yuck.  Ick.  Blech.   I was so defeated by the heat and the lovely little blister that decided to grow between the 3rd and 4th km.  I cannot understand why some runs are complete joy and others are such defeat.  Ugh.

BUT ... I will say that I actually LOST weight while I was away, even though I only ran one 5km the entire time.  

Today's weight was 137.6lbs.


Still got a looong way to go ... but here's my goal for right now:  to be 135lb by next Thursday.  Why?  Because it's Katia's first birthday (can you BELIEVE it??) and then I would be at pre-preggo weight.

But then, I've got another 10-15lbs to lose after that ...

Ok.  Enough about that.

Let me tell you about a NEW BLOG that my mom is writing ... My dad and her, along with 3 other couples, have embarked on a 10wk trip across North America.  I set up a blog for her so she could document their journey, and others could follow along.  It's called "It's A Trip of a Lifetime" and if you drop by, make her day by adding a comment ... she'd love that.

That also means that I'll be doing a lot of personal updates of the kiddies and life around here ... so they can keep up on what's going on ... 

Alrighty.  That's it for now ... 

Have a great one!!

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