13 August 2010

[cool products: Chloe's Bowtique]

I have a cousin.  Well.  I have MANY cousins ... and in fact, I'm closer to the age of some of my cousin's kids, than to my cousins themselves.

My cousin has a kid - who is now a married woman with two beautiful children.  And this girl continues to blow my mind with new ideas, her creative genius, her attention to detail.

This cousin is also the one who believed in me - and Redhanded Photography was born out of her desire to have me photograph her wedding ... 

So when I got an "invite" on Facebook to join something called "Chloe's Bowtique", I couldn't wait to give it a click ... and voila.  My cousin has an entrepreneurial spirit like none other.

If you have a little girl, or know of someone who does ... you've got to come by her little store.

Oh.  And where have I been?  Well ... a group of 26 of us headed to the Caribbean on the Oasis of the Seas and then a stint over at Disney World to finish it off.  It was a trip like none other ... my whole immediate family, and our close family friends ... absolute perfection.

And 2000+ images.

I'll get to them ... I promise.

Have a great one!


JosiahTam Photography said...

oh man you went on Oasis?! Is it as absolutely insanely fantastically awesome as it looks in pictures and videos?

Tawn said...

Josiah. I cannot lie. It was insane. IN. SANE. ... I'll be bloggin' and showin' pics ... and none of it will do the Oasis justice ...