08 September 2010

[redhanded photography: Dave and Courtney]

Yup.  Still alive ... and like so many of you, right back into the swing of things with school and schedules.  But I love schedules ... I just don't like not seeing Mattias for 8 hours in the day.  Ugh.  I miss him so much ... but he's doing well.  I'll be posting some pics of his first day of Grade 1 later ... 

But for now - I wanted to show you my latest work of Dave and Courtney's wedding.  Photography continues to be such a blessing for me - an outlet for creativity, for my need to run a business, for a small way for me to contribute financially to the home ... it clears  my mind, lets me meet great people, and gets me out of the house a few hours of the month.  For us, it's perfect.

Please stop by - would love to have you, and comments are always welcome.  Would love to know that you came and checked it out ... it helps me know how much time to put into these kinds of "advertising" *grin* ... 

If you are interested in using my services for wedding, maternity/newborn, event (first birthday, baby shower, hockey tournament etc.) or family shoot - please contact me at my Redhanded Photography site and click "contact".  Please note that I am currently taking bookings for spring/summer of 2011.

Have a great one!!

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