23 December 2010

[cool products: Christmas Books.]

Every year, I put a little book together for my Mom and Mom-in-Law from the kiddies.  I usually do it at Costco, and it's a bit of work getting images from disks that I've burned - and choosing which ones make the cut.

This year, though, I decided to try something different and oh, oh, oh, am I glad I did!!

I used Blurb.com and created a 12x12 image-wrapped book.  I used my own 12x12 scrapbooking pages (jpegs) from this year, uploaded them and VOILA ... a perfect book for my moms.  I didn't use ALL the scrapbooking I've done this year, but there are about 60 or so pages ... and I made sure to includ events that the families were either at, or would be interested in.

It's a perfect coffee table book, and because it's scrapbooked - it has all the dates, writing, photos - done. Can I tell you how much I love digiscrapping??? It's now helping me out at Christmas time!!!

Here's a peek ... 

The Costco books I was creating, cost me about $40.00 each.  And they usually had about 30 images in them.  These new 12x12 books were more expensive, for certain - BUT, I created a lot more pages and they're almost twice the size as the Costco books.  With shipping and taxes, they were around $100.00 each. 

But they turned out so great - it was worth every penny.

I can't wait to see our moms' faces!!

 Have a great one!


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Lisa B. said...

Blurb is fabulous! Great job, what a keepsake, I am positive you moms will love the memories that each page carries and the time and love it took to make it so special!

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!