01 December 2010

[worship: In Christ Alone.]


I've been posting a lot of digipages and recipes ... but I've been avoiding writing what's in my heart.  Hmmm ...  maybe that's not accurate.  No.  That's not accurate.  I'm not avoiding.  But maybe I'm just using wisdom (oh, now there's a thought for me *grin*...).  I am not void of faults - that's for sure - and I'm pretty sure I don't need to go into detail on the things that make my head spin.  We've all got them ... *smile*.

But, a couple of nights ago I found myself in a place that feels like home.  Worship.  I've been thinking a lot about it - and I continue to realize that worship is at the core of who I am.  It's how I commune with God, and how He speaks to me.  It's how I say "I love You," and "I'm sorry" - and how I receive His grace.  So many times, the words of other's songs say it best ...

I led at the Recovery Service this past Sunday night.  My soul came alive.  And this song - it speaks truth in every verse.  It's poetry, a twenty-first century hymn.  We've sung it for years, but on Sunday night   watching the congregation of the "untypical" church-goer sing it as one voice ... well - this isn't even close to being the same, but I wanted to share it with you today ... 

"No pow'r of hell, no scheme of man - can ever pluck me from His hand.  'Til He returns, or calls me home, here in the pow'r of Christ I stand."

I'm battling a chest infection or something - and FINALLY got a prescription.  I'm hoping for some sleep as the last few nights have been a gong show. Why is that when I lie down, my lungs fill up and my body seizes in a coughing fit??  So frustrating.  Last night was the worst ... I finally hit the sack at 1am and proceeded in coughing my face off.  Who knows when I fell asleep - only to be woken up at 4am with the power going out and the clocks beeping and our 3 year old crying because his room was now pitch black.  Gong.  Show.  That's four nights that I haven't sleep more than an hour or two at a time ... if this medicine doesn't kick in today I just may shed a few tears.

I'm leading this Sunday morning and have Christmas production practices as well this weekend ... I need my voice.  And my rest.  It's hard to be all that I need to be when I'm tired and sick.  Or is it sick and tired?  *smirk*.  Whatever.



That's it for now ... have a great one *smile*.

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