16 February 2011

[organize: Spring Cleanup - The Process.]

SO.  A couple of days ago I ranted about how clutter makes my life a mess of chaotic yuckiness.  But toooooday *grin* ...  Oh yes, my friends ... I have been BUSY.

I have kept on task - doing a few small things every day.  And now that it's Wednesday I can SEE that so much has been done.  There's a lot more to do - but hey - I'm gettin' 'er done ... 

On Monday, the bathrooms were a mix between ridiculousness and easiness.  Some drawers were empty.  Some drawers had about 200 packages of buttons (you know, the kind merchants attach to a new shirt in case you lose one?).  Yup.  Ridiculousness.

But now, they are all cleaned and tidy ... la lala la lalalala la la laaaa....

Then, yesterday, I cleaned out Katia's clothes drawers.  That only took about 15 minutes ... and it was a bit tricky taking stuff out, while she kept trying to put it back in *wink*.  But I was able to move on from her 12month old shirts - which are way too short for her now.  So - small job, but worth it.


Last night.

The mother of all mothers.


I started it right after dinner, while my hubby watched the hockey game with the kiddies.  And by the time we put the kids to bed and got down there together, I was OVERWHELMED.  My hubby, thank you Jesus, was brilliant.  Not many hubbys would help out - but he's the only one who know which junk went with what.  I was afraid to toss something, only to find out later that it belonged to something else.  SO.  We sorted, and chucked, and recycled ... it was INSANE.

The boys went downstairs this morning before school and they were SO excited!!!  Crazy - but there was so much space down there, that even if they dumped out the bins, all the broken bits and pieces and things that don't work - they're all gone.  It's a cinch to clean up!


Now.  Today I venture into the boys closets while Katia sleeps.  That shouldn't take too long.  Then, I'm hoping to clean Tias' aquarium (there's a floating fish - good indicator that I should clean it: TODAY).    Then - Josiah and I are going through ALL of his toy cars.  Last night, we chucked everything that was broken ... today, we start making piles of what to DONATE with what's left over.  None of this give-away-the-broken-stuff.  What we donate will be stuff that is extra, stuff the boys just don't need.  And there is also going to be a pile that is "going to grandma's house".  She could use some toys there, so instead of the boys worrying they'll never see something again - it'll just be having a vacation at their grandparent's place.  Less stuff here ... that's what I'm talkin' 'bout.

And as my hubby and I de-clutter our home, there is a sense of accomplishment around here.  My hubby was in such a good mood this morning, with a big "good morning, baby," and a kiss.  Nice!  He's been taking care of himself recently and we are both continuing to declutter our bodies, as well as our home.


Today I'm doing really, really well.

Tias was really sick yesterday - but slept most of the day, and by the afternoon was much, much better.  And he's off to school today.

I have an appointment tonight with a potential wedding client for my RedHanded Photography business.  Love first appointments.

I have a family photoshoot on Saturday morning ... and the weatherman is calling for sunshine *grin*!  Heading out to a place in the country for that one ... gonna be great!

We're having long-time friends over for supper on Saturday night, and I've been racking my brain to come up with the perfect menu to make it a special night ... I love menu planning.  

AND - I am so excited to be leading worship this Sunday night at the Recovery Service ... and usually the weeks that I lead are full of really hard stuff.  Not this week ... so far ... so good ;-).

Have a GREAT one!!

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