17 February 2011

[digiscrap: Keepin' Goin']

Tonight is hockey night ... and I love hockey night.  Once a week.  Not five times a week, like my hubby would probably want *grin* ... just once.

And so I'll put the kiddies to bed, get on my jammies, give myself a much needed facial and then ... digiscrap while catching up on American Idol and whatever else is on our PVR.

... and just to be accountable - I was going to run today.  A LONG run.  But the lovely lady that carpools with me for our kids, her son is in bed with a fever.  So - instead, I'll be doing some driving to help her out today ... that means - not enough time to run for long, so I decided to get beat up by Jillian instead.

Level 2 ... chair squats with v-lifts.  KILLS me.  I'll take an 8km over that any time ... 

ANYway ... here are some recent pages ... hoping to get a bunch more done tonight!!  Hey ... wait a sec.  Blogger says that I've exceeded my jpeg amount????  What??  It'll only let me upload 3 pages??


I'll sort that out later ... 

Have a great one!

(double click images to enlarge).

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Yin said...

Just dropped by and found these lovely layouts! Love them all as usual, the title to Learning to ride is cool!And happy birthday to Katia!