21 February 2011

[talk: Such a Girl.]

If you were quick enough ... you read the post I wrote this morning.

And then I took it off.

It was up for about 5 minutes ... a post of girly-emotion and a full-on pity party for myself.  I've had a strange few weeks - and sometimes a good cry and "man - people - I can't do it - I can't please everyone all the time" seemed necessary.  It's not possible for everyone to know what other people are doing or saying or writing to me ... and this morning, BOOM.  It came from all sides.


If you read it ... it was a good post *grin*.

If you didn't ... well ... you missed out.  I'm full-on human.  For me?  It was all true ... and now, it's time to move on - buck up - snap out of it.

So.  That is what I shall do.

Hope you have a good one ... and I hope that I do too *wink*.


Anonymous said...


You. are. amazing.

Don't forget it.

Tawn said...

whoever u are. thanks :-).