21 March 2011

[cool products: Attain Health Today Dot Com Part 2]


I just got an email from NR - the girl who's products I bragged on in the last post.  She's frustrated because her site is acting up ... she asked me to direct you HERE.  Sorry about any confusion with that ... 

And now that I'm here - do I have anything to say??

Not really any new revelations ... I am trying to be brave and am hoping to check out that studio I was talking about a few days ago ... and I haven't run since I got home.  Shin splints.  They are evil.  And they make me feel old and lame.  So I'm giving them a needed rest to make sure that I don't damage my little limbs and have them take me out entirely.

What else.  Oh - I did SO much digiscrapping while we were gone.  Over 50+ pages.  Twenty-eight of them were days one through eight of the Di Schmoodynoovan's cruise.    My mom will be happy to read that.  I've got about another 20 pages to go, I think.  At least.

That's all I got for now ... 

The rain sucks.

I'm going to read my last post and imagine running up that mountain in the heat ... seems like a lifetime ago already.  Boo.

Have a good one :-).

(what a lame post that was.  sorry. *grin*)

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Julia said...

I love the Herbalife shakes! My Mum sells them and I have been having them for breakfast for a while. Sometimes I have them for lunch too if I want to kick it up a notch which I DESPERATELY need to do at the moment!
Do you use any of their other products?
Good on you for doing so well...I'm VERY impressed =)