19 March 2011

[cool products: Attain Health Today Dot Com]

I'm back.


Back to a car battery that failed to start when we arrived at the airport.  Back to a home without heat because the furnace decided to take a holiday too, I guess.  Back to rain and wind and cold.  

So ... I did what I do best:  I organized.

I started with the fridge, then the side-by-side freezer, the stand up freezer, the garage fridge, the pantry, all three kids drawers - swapping the new stuff bought with the old-stuff-that-has-holes-in-it, my own closet - when I buy something new I ALWAYS toss something old out to make room - , and my bathroom drawers.

And that was the day we arrived home - and it felt good.

Some of life's "normals" of the last 10 days haven't happened.  I haven't run (it's Saturday as I type this ... I came home yesterday) ... my ankle is still bothering me.  I think the cold is making it ache *wink*.  And I don't know if I'm going to head to church tomorrow b/c Mattias is in a hockey tourny with my hubby helping out and Katia doesn't stay in the nursery ... so why bother?  I'm leading at the Recovery Service at night ... so looking forward to that.  Oops.  Thinking outloud there ...


What is "Attain Health Today Dot Com"?

Well ... while I was away, I tried some new herbal products.  I don't have a gallbladder - was taken out a few years ago - so my digestion is always an issue.  And I thought I'd give this a try.

I had a shake in the morning - with a powder-shake mix, some water (you could use milk or almond milk), some frozen blueberries, half a banana and aloe powder and whatever fruit/veggie I could find -  ... then I had one in the afternoon, and then a meal at night. Who are we kidding, I had dinner and dessert - usually Cold Stone *grin*.

And I lost close to 1.5 inches in 10days.

I've come home and one of the first things I did, was order more of this stuff ... full of healthy, yummy goodness.  And my hubby likes them too (bonus) ... 

My friend has a site ... and even if you have a question about a product, or you just want to snoop around, you should go.   The site is called Attain Health Today.

I actually bought a pair of Size2 jeans while I was gone *grin*!  Ok ... so they're a little snug at the top ... but still ...

Have a good one!!

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Shawna said...

Loosing inches on holiday -- un-heard of!!?!?! Great job!

& welocome back home ;)