16 May 2011

[product review: Boxer-cize Class.]

So ... I have this "free" week past at my hubby's gym.  And I've made no qualms that I'm not a fan of the gym ... but I thought I'd try a few classes out, see what they were like.

A few days ago, I tried the Zumba class.  Yuck.

Today, I tried "Boxer-cize".  And it was killer.

After talking to some friends about the Zumba class, I realized that I just didn't want something foo-foo.  Truthfully?  I don't care if it's fun.  I'm there to work out ... if I'm giving up an hour, it had better be worth it.  I want to sweat.

I looked into kickboxing classes, but the gym that my hubby is a part of didn't offer that ... but it did offer a "boxer-cize" class.    Honestly, I thought the name was cheesy and imagined it being a Jane Fonda workout out with the odd punch thrown in.

I didn't even bring a towel.  *grin*.  How pessimistic am I??

The class started ... the first 10 minutes were pretty much different squats with punches/jabs/uppercuts ... whatever they're all called.  I was thinking to myself, " ... this is lame.  I'm not even going to sweat."

Then the warm up was over.

For the next hour and five minutes (that's right ... the class was 1.15min), the instructor lead the class in a series of jump kicks, front/back/side kicks, alternate punches, jumping jacks, squat lunges, mountain climbers ... I.was.dripping.

I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow ... and THAT is a great feeling.  

At the end of the class, I went up to the instructor - who must've been in her late 40's and had the most athletically toned body ever - and told her that I had thought I was in shape.  That I am hoping to run a half marathon soon ... and that she just about killed me with that workout.  She laughed and said, "Oh, you're in shape.  It's just different - that's all!"

It's so interesting to me ... I want to be in shape, to be healthy and strong.  And I'm realizing that my body has a whole bunch of things to learn.  And just because I'm strong or athletic in one area, sure doesn't mean I am in another.  Just because I can run, doesn't mean I can swim well *grin*.  Or just because someone can do an aerobics class, doesn't mean they can run 10km.  Strength, cardio, flexibility ... there are so many things to learn.

Am I going to go back??  Pretty sure I will for next Monday's class ... and it's only $20/month as an add on to my hubby's membership.  So even just doing that one class a week - it's worth it.  And maybe I'll try the "step and sculpt" class ... 

And I think I'll bring a towel *grin*.

Boxercise:  9/10

Also - I have a new post up at my RedHanded Photography blog today ... Cecil and Kristina's wedding.  Come drop by ... 

Have a great one!


Shawna said...

Love it! I did Billy Blanks 1 hour kick boxing on Wednesday last week and as of Saturday I was still feeling it! oy!

Glad you found yourself a challenge!

Mae said...

This is new to me. I might check this out... Boxer-cize lol

Janean said...

I want to know how it could have earned a 10/10? J